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Welcome to BSidesLV 2016, our 8th annual BSides in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada!
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Jarett Kulm

High Availability, Inc.
Principal Technologist
Philly, PA.
I'm JK-47 ( @JK47TheWeapon), Principal Technologist for a VAR based in PA & CO. I focus on Storage, Databases, VMware, & Cisco Datacenter products. With more than 20 years of industry experience, I strive to help customers big data dreams become reality!

I am also a member of the #NetappATeam, #CiscoChampions, and former delegate of Storage Field Day #SFD6 #SFD8

My hobbies include locksport, 3d printing, RPi/Arduino development, and making weird things that combine all of the above.